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Introduction: There are a number of things you can do to help sustain and spread Van Von Hunter. Some items are simple and non-committal. Some are...less so. It just all depends on what you're comfortable with.

Voting: Vote for VVH on Topwebcomics. Just click on that Topwebcomics button to your left, or any of the buttons that appear on, well, every page on the site. ;) Please consider doing so every time you visit our site. This helps Van Von Hunter's standings and gets the comic in front of more web-going eyeballs. This is a very simple, but very important thing you can do to help us.

Linking: Consider linking Van Von Hunter from one of your own web pages. Just go to our banners section to pick out the banner or button you like best.

Newspapers: As you may or may not know by now, Van Von Hunter has been picked up by Universal Press Syndicate. It is currently being offered by UPS to pretty much every newspaper in the country. But of course, not all newspapers are going to carry it. If you would like to read Van Von Hunter in your local newspaper, we urge you to write in to them and ask them to consider running Van Von Hunter. You'd be surprised at what a few well-placed letters can do.

Merchandise: Please consider picking up a copy of Van Von Hunter Volume 1 and/or Van Von Hunter Volume 2. If you'd like to, please also consider doing so through our Amazon.com. This provides us with a little extra cash from each sale. And the best part is that there's no extra cost to you.

In addition to that, you should know that any Amazon.com purchase made through our link, be it another book, or a CD or computer will generate some extra money for us (again, with no cost to you). If you're going to buy anything through Amazon, please consider doing so by clicking on one of our links first. It isn't much, but this helps offset the cost of keeping our server running.

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