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History: Van Von Hunter debuted on the web on February 14, 2002. It was originally updated once every two weeks. On 4/13/03, Van Von Hunter began updating once per week.

At the end of 2002, we entered Tokyopop's inaugural Rising Stars of Manga competition. In February of 2003 we discovered that our entry in the contest, named "Van Von Hunter: Circlet of Necromancy" had won first place...which really meant second place. Rising Stars of Manga volume 1 was released in May of 2003.

We began working on a book series based on Van Von Hunter for Tokyopop at the end of 2003. Volume 1 of that series was released in May 2005. Volume 2 was released in September 2005.

A six month run of Sunday newspaper comics based on Van Von Hunter will begin running in summer of 2006. The comics will be offered to newspapers through Universal Press Syndicate. Some newspapers that have already confirmed running the strip are the Los Angeles Times, Denver Post, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Detroit News, Portland Oregonian and Vancouver Sun.

General stuff: The webcomic is the basis for any and all derivative Van Von Hunter work. It is the original, and all other stories have been crafted to fit as best it can into the continuity of the webcomic. As such, the webcomic itself has been slowly modified from a strictly gag-based comic to one with more of a coherent story running through it. This is to help tie all other derivative works together and to create a single, "cannon" universe.

Since the webcomic is the original, most of our experiments take place here first as well. Artistically or literarily, you'll see it here first.

Premise: Van Von Hunter is a tale about a mighty warrior and hunter of evil and his many exploits against evil, uh…stuff. Along with his sidekick he’s occasionally joined by other allies and faces off against agreeable vampires, flaming princes, fioe-gras-eating zombie hordes and were-sasquatches!

Mike: Pencils, Story
Ron: Ink, Tone, Story, Website

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