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Sunday, January 8 2006

Sunday, January 8 2006

Happy new year! And happy new site!

We figured it was high time to go with a new site design. Basically we just put spiffy graphics around everything. All the content is pretty much the same, otherwise. And as the days march on, we'll be tweaking things here and there, so don't be surprised if certain pages change around a bit.

One notable addition is the voting link to Topwebcomics.com on the left hand side of all the pages. We'd kindly ask that you consider clicking on that button and vote for us each time you visit our site. Thanks!

Also, for those who bugged us, we now offer a RSS feed so you can be alerted as soon as an update occurs. Of course, I'm really not sure why anyone would need it, since the comic is updated, has been updated and will ALWAYS be updated every Sunday within the same few hour window. Now, I don't know squat about RSS, and I THINK I've implemented the basic info needed. But if I screwed something you, you'll have to let me know.

Here we are, finally with our brand new site design! We’ve had the old design for quite a while, and thought it was time for a change. Okay, so we actually thought it was time for a change YEARS ago, but we’ve just finally managed to implement those changes now. It’s mostly just cosmetic, in the hopes of making the site a little prettier, but we also have a few content tweaks as well.

Gone is our “Bleah!!” news section. We’ve replaced it with these rant boxes, which seem to be all the rage in the trendier webcomics these days. These allow us to be a bit more informal, so we can ramble on about pointless things that you could probably care less about, drop a few controversial and attention-getting comments, and most importantly, carry out vicious verbal feuds with our long-time webcomic rivals. Yes, we’ve finally gotten with the times! (Now all we need are some long-time webcomic rivals…)

Another change you’ll notice, is that we’ve decided to jump on the top webcomics voting list bandwagon, hoping to raise our readership a little bit, and bring the joy of Van Von Hunter to the less fortunate souls out there who have yet to experience it. Of course, putting the link up is about all we can do. The rest of the burden falls squarely on the shoulders of our loyal readers. So it looks like it’s all up to you guys to vote your little hearts out, and give us a respectable ranking. Fair warning: If we languish at the bottom of the chart, we’ll be completely mortified-so don’t be surprised if you bump into us on the street, and we pretend not to know you.

Well, I think that’s enough for my inaugural rant. It’s time to get back to the drawing board… literally.

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